What We Can Do For You


Modulus Cleanrooms provides innovative and flexible cleanroom solutions to fit your professional needs. We offer a choice of materials to meet your budgetary guidelines. Our modular components offer total flexibility that allows your cleanroom to be easily and quickly reconfigured or moved in the future. We pride ourselves in providing complete and comprehensive services for your entire cleanroom project. From design, fabrication and installation, to the equipment and supplies you will need to complete your cleanroom.

We offer a choice of soft wall and hard wall configurations. Each is self supporting, with no need for external construction. Both are easily added within your existing work space. Our soft wall systems provide the lowest cost option for a true modular cleanroom.

We offer two types of hard wall systems:  steel and aluminum.   Both of these framework materials facilitate great design flexibility, Each frame can accommodate solid panels or windows and our ceiling grid can easily incorporate Hepa fan filter units and cleanroom Troffer lights.  We can help you choose the appropriate material that is both suited for your industry and fits in your budget.

Our premium modular steel frame is made of tubular structural steel for strength. Our modular design and fabrication process allows us to build and finish our steel materials at our manufacturing facility, which translates to zero on-site cutting, grinding, or painting. Steel frames have a modular, welded ceiling grid resulting in a totally freestanding structure.  With steel frames, the on-site set up time is greatly reduced.

Our aluminum frames are made from anodized aluminum and utilize a post and panel construction.  Aluminum frames, with an interlocking T bar ceiling grid, offer great flexibility when integrating within your existing space. It is also a great solution for hard to fit cleanroom spaces.

During the design phase, Modulus Cleanrooms will provide you with 3D engineered drawings. You will see a visual representation of each component, layout and configuration.

We are dedicated to creating a streamline working process that is professional, customer friendly and complete. Please contact us to get started.   Let us design and build your next cleanroom to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.