ISO 5 Classification

ISO 5 Cleanroom Classifications

The ISO 5 classification ensures that the cleanroom meets strict standards for air cleanliness, temperature, humidity, and particle control. Cleanroom environments under the ISO 5 classification are stringent across various industries and applications. ISO 5 cleanrooms are enclosed environments within a facility with tight controls over temperature, humidity, airflow, temperature change over time, and airborne particles. ISO 5 cleanrooms are used in injection molding, environmental testing laboratories, biotechnology manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, nanotechnology, and various cleantech manufacturing applications such as fine chemicals, ion lithium batteries, solar, active medical devices, and high-end film/packaging.

ISO 5 Classification: Airflow and Air Changes Per Hour

An ISO 5 classification needs unidirectional airflow to preserve the stringent nature of the area. Airflow of this type is directed to filtration through low wall returns creating a unilateral flow from the ceiling to the floor.


Air changes per hour for an ISO 5 classification range from 240-480 ACPH for an ISO 5 Cleanroom.


ISO 5 Classification: Filtration and Particle Control

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration efficiency is 99.99% at 0.3µm(microns).


Filtration and particle measurements in an ISO 5 cleanroom prohibit a particle from being greater than 0.5µ but less than 5.0µ.

ISO 5 Classification: Gowning & Transfer Rooms

The gowning and transfer room is a crucial component of any cleanroom facility. It provides a controlled environment for operators to change into cleanroom garments, ensuring that no contaminants are introduced into the cleanroom. The gowning room is designed to maintain positive pressure, preventing outside air from entering the cleanroom and compromising the cleanliness of the environment. 

ISO 5 Cleanroom Features

HEPA[High-Efficiency-Particulate Air] filters to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns

Positive pressure to prevent outside air from entering the cleanroom

Controlled temperature and humidity levels

An ISO 5 Cleanroom is designed to maintain a highly controlled environment with minimal contamination.
ISO 5 classified cleanrooms are designed to maintain a controlled environment with minimal contamination.

ISO 5 Cleanroom Benefits

Minimize contamination and ensures product quality

Increases efficiency and productivity by reducing the need for rework

Designed for industries with high sensitivity to contamination