ISO 6 Classification

ISO 6 Cleanroom Classification

An ISO 6 cleanroom is a controlled environment designed to limit the level of airborne particles present and is common across various industry application types. ISO 6 cleanrooms are used for modern production assembly, electronic, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and various cleantech manufacturing, such as lithium batteries, medical devices, film, packaging, and fine chemicals. The ISO 6 classification means that there is no more than 1,000,000 particles larger than 0.5 microns in size per cubic meter of air. This high level of cleanliness is achieved through the use of specialized filtration systems that meet ISO classification standards for entering an existing cleanroom.

ISO 6 Classification: Airflow and Changes Per Hour

The airflow for an ISO 6 cleanroom design follows a mixed airflow pattern, and in some cases, an ISO 6 cleanroom can be unidirectional for a more stringent air environment. Used more often to meet the requirements, ISO 6 cleanroom airflow pattern will depend on the application of the cleanroom.

Air changes range from 125 to 240.

ISO 6 Classification: Filtration and Particle Control

High-Efficiency Penetration Air (HEPA) filtration efficiency is 99.99% at 0.3µm(microns).

Filtration and particle measurements in an ISO 6 cleanroom prohibit a particle from being greater than 0.5µ but less than 5.0µ.

ISO 6 Classification: Gowning & Transfer Room

The gowning and transfer room is an essential component of any cleanroom facility. It provides a controlled environment for operators to change into cleanroom garments, ensuring that no contaminants are introduced into the cleanroom. Made with high quality materials for durability and longevity, the airlock and gowning room provides a controlled environment that prevents outside air from entering the cleanroom and compromising the cleanliness of the environment because it uses positive pressure. 

ISO 6 Features

HEPA Filter System to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns

High range of air changes per hour to maintain clean environment; Air Change from 125 to 240 per hour

Customizable design to meet specific needs and requirements 

Modular cleanrooms are essential to manufacturing your product and are essential to many industries as a cost effective and efficient cleanroom solution.
ISO 6 Cleanroom Classification

ISO 6 Benefits

Provides a sterile environment for sensitive manufacturing processes and products 


Increases efficiency and productivity by minimizing downtime and rework.


Prevents contamination from outside sources


Meets industry standards of cleanliness