ISO 7 Classification

What is an ISO 7 Cleanroom Classification?

The ISO 7 classification cleanroom is designed to maintain the highest levels of air cleanliness. The hard-sided walls and HEPA filtration systems work together to ensure that the air inside the cleanroom is free from contaminants, with a maximum of 10,000 particles per cubic foot. This makes it the ideal environment for a wide range of applications, from pharmaceutical manufacturing to electronics assembly. 

An ISO 7 cleanroom classification is an expansive classification since it’s a cleanroom that can be used in a variety of industries and application types. An ISO 7 Cleanroom provides a clean environment with air quality control for laboratories, production facilities, bio-exclusion zones, research and development labs, medical device packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging. 

ISO 7 Classification: Airflow and Changes Per Hour

The airflow for an ISO 7 cleanroom design follows a mixed airflow pattern.

Air changes range from 30 to 70 per hour of HEPA-filtered air and less than or equal to 5µ(microns).

ISO 7 Classification: Filtration and Particle Control

High-Efficiency Penetration Air (HEPA) filtration efficiency is 99.99% at 0.3µm(microns).

Filtration and particle measurements in an ISO 7 cleanroom prohibit a particle from being greater than 0.5µ but less than 5.0µ.

ISO 7 Classification: Gowning & Transfer Room

Gown or airlock room for ISO 7 classification cleanrooms prevents loss of particle control and air quality in the environment. Since an ISO 7 air change per hour is between 30 and 70, the gown room will have HEPA filters to recover the air quality before entering the cleanroom.

ISO 7 Cleanroom Features:

HEPA Filter System to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns 


High range of air changes per hour to maintain clean environment; Air Change from 125 to 240 per hour


Control of environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and airflow patters

An ISO 7 Cleanroom uses hardwall panels and can be customized to a variety of manufacturing specification.
Modulus Cleanrooms Modular Hardwall Biotech Cleanroom ISO 5 and 7 Freemont 2

ISO 7 Cleanroom Benefits

Provides a controlled environment for sensitive manufacturing processes


Improves quality and consistency and reduces risk of contamination and product defects


Ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards