Biotech Cleanrooms

Modulus Cleanrooms has been designing, building, and installing biotech cleanrooms for decades. We have the qualifications, the products, and the experience to get your biotechnology cleanroom up and running, too. Modulus Cleanrooms was founded in California, in the heart of the United States’ fast-growing biotech industry.


Our location here, combined with our decades of experience developing cleanrooms at every ISO class standard perfectly positioned us to become a top provider of biotechnology cleanrooms. Decades later, we’ve worked on many biotech cleanrooms over the years, and we’d like to bring that experience to your project. We know what makes a biotech cleanroom, and we’re here to help you develop yours.

We Know Biotechnology Cleanrooms.

Most biotechnology cleanrooms must adhere to strict regulations of ISO Class 5 or higher, and have specific needs for precise control of temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Common biotech cleanroom applications include:

Production facilities
Bio-exclusion zones
Personalized medicines
Research and development labs
Gene therapy
Vaccine research and production

20 Years of Experience in ISO Class Cleanrooms

Modulus Cleanrooms has the expertise to design and build the cleanroom you’re looking for. Our attention to detail, transparent process, and our industry knowledge combine to deliver you the cleanroom you need –
on budget and on time.

We’d love to work with you!