Steel Frame Cleanrooms


If you are looking for the durable, a steel frame modular cleanroom is the best type of cleanroom for your application. Steel frame cleanrooms have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their durability, scalability, and adaptability. 

What is Steel Modular Cleanroom?

Renowned for its exceptional durability, the steel frame cleanroom ranks among the best cleanroom systems in the industry. The steel frame provides unmatched support, eliminating the need for external construction. Additionally, tubular structural steel frames are manufactured for maximum strength, which adds to the overall sturdiness of the cleanroom.

Benefits of Modulus Steel Frame Cleanrooms

The tubular structural steel frames are manufactured for maximum strength, ensuring the cleanroom’s long-lasting durability. This robust design, anchored by welded corners and a ground-smooth finish, provides structural integrity and enhances the overall strength of the cleanroom by delivering an exact fit. 

Renowned for its exceptional durability, the steel frame cleanroom stands as a pinnacle of robust cleanroom systems within the industry. Anchored by a meticulously welded frame and grid system, this design exudes unparalleled strength throughout its structure. The individual frames themselves bring a remarkable degree of adaptability, accommodating a diverse spectrum of insert panels. Featuring 2-inch welded panel frames with a ¼ inch thick insert panel, this design encompasses a wide range of materials including glass, honeycomb aluminum, and PVC panels to meet your industry’s needs. 

The self-supporting steel frame eliminates the need for external construction support, streamlining the installation process. This feature not only saves time and effort but also reduces construction costs and potential disruptions to your operations.

The modular-welded ceiling grids are specifically designed to incorporate HEPA fan filter units and cleanroom LED lights. This integration ensures effective air filtration and proper illumination within the cleanroom environment, enhancing cleanliness and visibility for your processes.

Steel frame cleanrooms feature a sleek powder-coated finish with welded corners, resulting in a precise fit and a polished, professional appearance. This aesthetic quality aligns seamlessly with industry standards, reflecting a commitment to maintaining a high-quality environment.

Its scalability and adaptability, from single pass to recirculating layouts, offer a versatile solution that can evolve with your operational needs. 

Steel frame cleanrooms are designed to meet ISO Class 8/100,000 to Class 5/100 and come ready to install in standard dimensions, or the Modulus Cleanrooms team of designers can develop a custom cleanroom designed for your specific application.

What Industry Steel Frame Cleanroom Fit Better?

Steel Frame cleanroom systems are versatile and can be used in various industries, including

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