Modular vs Conventional
Cleanroom Construction

Modular vs Drywall Construction

A modular building is a pre-engineered structure that is flexible enough to satisfy virtually any requirement… tougher than standard drywall construction, expandable, relocatable and completely re-usable.


One obvious advantage that modular construction has over conventional construction is cost. Not only can one save up to 35% on the initial construction costs like labor and materials, but there are other benefits as well. 


The following list contains the TOP 10 Reasons for choosing modular buildings over block or drywall construction.

1. Modular Cleanrooms Are Pre-Engineered

Advantages – No need for an engineer or architect.

Benefits – No hidden design costs.

2. Ease of Coordination

Advantages – Ability to supply single source installation through factory-trained distributor network.

Benefits – Buying is simple with local support and assistance.

3. Appearance

Advantages – Attractive integrated systems manufactured to your exact specifications.

Benefits – Consistent high quality in both appearance and design.

4. Speedy Installation

Advantages – Fewer disruptions to plant operations.

Benefits – Maintains plant productivity during building installation.

5. No Mess

Advantages – No need to seal off areas against dust.

Benefits – Eliminates additional labor costs and minimizes plant disruption.

6. Low Maintenance

Advantages – Pre-finished walls require little maintenance beyond occasional surface cleaning.

Benefits – Eliminates costly painting and other maintenance and repairs.

7. Durability

Advantages – Reinforced cavity and tough quality facings decrease chances of damage.

Benefits – Long lasting product will perform for years without deterioration.

8. Adaptability

Advantages – Quickly and easily relocatable, expandable, and reusable.

Benefits – Provides maximum flexibility to meet your company’s needs.

9. Sound Resistance

Advantages – Sound panels provide superior sound deadening.

Benefits – Substantial noise level reduction produces a more productive work environment.

10. Accelerated Depreciation

Advantages – Depreciation is usually over one year vs. longer for conventional construction.

Benefits – Quicker return on investment.

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