Cleanroom Construction & Installation

The Modulus Cleanrooms team is known for our exceptional attention to detail. 

We are here to ensure that every element of your new cleanroom installation goes perfectly to plan, and we have the experience to make that happen. 


From construction to installation, we have eyes on every component of your cleanroom project, and we won’t rest until your cleanroom is delivered and installed according to your unique specifications

Modulus Cleanrooms Modular Cleanroom Construction

Modular Cleanroom Construction​

Modulus Cleanrooms are constructed from quality components in highly controlled manufacturing facilities.


Whether you choose a softwall or hardwall cleanroom, every component is precision-engineered in a facility that specializes in cleanroom construction. Our hardwall and softwall cleanrooms are constructed to meet your specific cleanroom ISO standards.


Modulus Cleanrooms construction options include:

– Steel frame hardwall cleanrooms
– Aluminum frame hardwall cleanrooms
– Post and panel hardwall cleanrooms
– Softwall cleanrooms

Modulus Cleanrooms Modular Cleanroom Construction and Installation

Modular Cleanroom Installation​

When you choose Modulus Cleanrooms, installation is easy. As a proud provider of modular cleanrooms, our projects are installed in just days — not weeks. 

The components of your cleanroom are pre-assembled in the manufacturing facility, and then shipped together, directly to your facility. No waiting for materials to arrive or one late shipment. Every component arrives together, so your cleanroom can be installed quickly and efficiently.


– Your entire cleanroom ships directly to your facility
– Prefabricated components ensure minimal waste, and fast installation time
– Cleanroom installation takes just dates — not weeks

Existing Cleanroom Modifications​

Planning a cleanroom expansion or relocation?

Modulus Cleanrooms can help you, too. Our modular cleanrooms are easy to reconfigure, expand, or relocate. No matter what type of cleanroom you have, our proven process makes it easy to modify your existing cleanroom to suit your facility’s current needs.

20 Years of Serving Clients

Modulus Cleanrooms has the expertise to design and build the cleanroom you’re looking for. Our attention to detail, transparent process, and our industry knowledge combine to deliver you the cleanroom you need –
on budget and on time.

We’d love to work with you!