Aluminum Frame Cleanrooms


Modulus aluminum frame cleanrooms are well-suited to a range of modular cleanroom applications but are the ideal choice for hard-to-fit and tightly designed spaces.


If you’re looking for the type of cleanroom that is easy to use and simple to reconfigure, while still offering all the benefits of a hardwall cleanroom, an aluminum frame cleanroom might be the right choice. Our in-house designers will work with you to create the custom cleanroom that best fits your needs. 

What is an Aluminum Modular Cleanroom?

The aluminum cleanroom is a unique and versatile solution for clients that need to transform an existing space into a cleanroom environment. One of the principal benefits of aluminum framing is that it is extruded, making it lightweight but incredibly durable. This makes it easy to transport and install, and the modular design allows for quick adjustments to be made on-site to fit any space.

Our Modulus aluminum frame cleanrooms are made with extruded anodized aluminum framing and feature an interlocking T-bar ceiling grid that allows for easy integration of HEPA fan filter units and cleanroom LED lights.

Benefits of Modulus Aluminum Frame Cleanrooms

The primary advantage of aluminum cleanrooms is their lightweight construction. Compared to steel or other structural materials, aluminum is much lighter, which makes it easier to transport and install. The modular design of an aluminum cleanroom allows for a quick and easy installation, which helps to reduce the project’s overall cost and timeline. 

Another significant advantage of aluminum cleanrooms is their versatility. The aluminum framing is completely customizable, allowing for the creation of cleanrooms that meet various specifications and requirements. The interior finishes, lighting, and air filtration systems can be tailored to meet specific ISO class requirements between Class 8/100,000 to Class 5/100, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness and safety for the product or process.

While lightweight, aluminum framing is also durable. The high-strength extruded aluminum can withstand damage and wear and tear, making it ideal for environments where constant use is necessary. The anodized finish provides a protective layer that resists corrosion and other chemical reactions that could compromise the cleanroom’s integrity.

Cleanrooms require strict maintenance to ensure their continued performance, and aluminum cleanrooms are easy to maintain. The smooth, non-porous surface of the aluminum framing makes it easy to clean and sanitize, reducing the risk of contamination. The modular design of an aluminum cleanroom also makes it easier to replace individual components if needed, minimizing downtime.

As your company and product needs evolve, you may need to modify your cleanroom. Aluminum cleanrooms are highly adaptable and can be modified or expanded quickly and easily, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. The modular nature of aluminum framing allows for easy retrofitting of cleanroom components, providing flexibility for future needs.

What Industry Aluminum Modular Cleanroom Fit Better?

Aluminum cleanroom systems are versatile and can be used in various industries, including

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