Electronics Cleanrooms​

Modulus Cleanrooms is a leading supplier of electronics cleanrooms across the West Coast and beyond. When it comes to electronics manufacturing, a clean environment is mission-critical. A single speck of dust could easily compromise an entire facility, putting electronics manufacturers at high risk.


Trust the design and installation of your electronics cleanroom to only the very best. Choose Modulus Cleanrooms. We deliver modular cleanrooms in custom and standard sizes, using your building’s existing walls or built freestanding in any space.

We Know Electronics Cleanrooms.

Electronics cleanrooms must adhere to some of the most stringent cleanliness requirements. Modulus Cleanrooms designs, builds, and installs electronic cleanrooms that meet ISO Classes 7 and higher.


Common applications include:

Electronics assembly cleanroom
Semiconductor cleanroom
Microelectronics cleanrooms
Microprocessing cleanroom

20 Years of Modular Cleanroom Services

Modulus Cleanrooms has the expertise to design and build the cleanroom you’re looking for. Our attention to detail, transparent process, and our industry knowledge combine to deliver you the cleanroom you need –
on budget and on time.

We’d love to work with you!