Modulus Cleanrooms


Servicor Solutions

Modulus Cleanrooms provides full service for any Servicor cleanroom. Whether you are looking for a simple service repair, a cleanroom renovation, or even relocation of your Servicor cleanroom, the Modulus team is happy to help. We are very familiar with the Servicor suite of cleanrooms, and are confident in our ability to support all of your cleanroom and equipment needs.



For more than 30 years, Servicor was a leading manufacturer of cleanroom components. Their cleanrooms were designed to meet most cleanliness levels and were recognized as some of the industry’s highest quality modular cleanrooms for the time that they were in the market.



While Servicor is no longer manufacturing cleanroom components, there are many Servicor cleanrooms and cleanroom products still out in the world. The Modulus Cleanrooms team has worked with their products for decades and continues to service and upgrade existing Servicor cleanrooms according to our clients’ specific needs.


Have a Servicor Cleanroom?

If you have a Servicor cleanroom that needs an update, Modulus Cleanrooms can help. While Servicor is no longer in business, our team is very familiar with their exceptional products and has the capability to upgrade, restore, replace, or even move your Servicor cleanroom to another location.